Auto Spares & Salvage

We as a team with our expertise and experience continue to develop recycling potential, reduce environmental liabilities and provide an efficient vehicle recycling enterprise. Autospares & Salvage promotes the use of our recycled "green" parts, as well as the benefit to the environment cutting down your carbon footprint, you also see a financial benefit where the cost of new could be substantial. Break only vehicles = Cars categorised by the insurance company that must be ecologically dismantled.

Robust procedures are in place at Autospares & Salvage to ensure that each category of vehicle are processed following the guidelines as set out by MIAFTR, DVLA and the End-of-Life Vehicles Regulations 2003. Autospares & Salvage is situated in East Northamptonshire and has been serving local garages and the general public here for over twenty years. Our Recycling Facility has the capacity to handle upto 2000 cars at any one time.