Dorset Auto Spares

Dorset Auto Spares Ltd. was founded in September 1987 by Ian Walsh and Barrie Dear. The head office was set-up in Wimborne followed by the opening of a second branch in Blandford Forum. During the 80's and early 90's business was steady but not spectacular. At the time Dorset Auto Spares was by their own admission much the same as the rest of their competitors. Major changes were in store for Dorset Auto Spares in 1995 and business was set to change when they were approached by Bosch U.K. to distribute their products throughout Dorset.

The partnership with Bosch U.K. instigated many changes within the company and a shift in attitude. The business began to change the way it operated and concentrated on working with high quality manufacturers such as Bosch, Valeo, Kayaba, Motaquip and APEC. A Poole branch had recently been opened and provided a perfect platform to attract high-quality suppliers and customers.