Munro Tyres

Here at Munro Tyres I specialize in brand new budget tyres. I am an independent operator and my tyre prices reflect this. The vast majority of mobile tyre fitting services in Stockport, are franchise operated based. This means that quite often there is a significant percentage added to the tyre price to be able to pay the franchiser his commission. With Munro tyres there is no middle man waiting to take his cut, so I am able to pass this cost saving onto the customer.

In today's society a large majority of people tend to opt for second hand tyres paying anywhere from £30-£35 and upwards. Baring in mind this tyre will probably have 3-4mmof tread left at best and possibly been repaired 2 or 3 times. A large number of budget tyres tend to average around the £40 to £50 mark, so remember, for that little extra it'd be a brand new tyre giving you peace of mind.