Northampton Vehicle Dismantlers

Northampton Vehicle Dismantlers also known as NVD is a vehicle breakers yard based in the heart of Northampton. The business has been running for over 30 years and has had generations of cars pass through its gates. Offering the best prices for used spares and the maximum possible payment for vehicles, we have come to achieve a strong and reliable local reputation. As Northampton's largest vehicle recycling centre and an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) we can dispose of your vehicle within the correct DVLA guidelines, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle has been disposed of responsibly.

Whether your car is too old or has failed MOT, NVD will give you the maximum scrap weight price for your vehicle. With hundreds of cars being scrapped on site each week, we are able to provide you with a wide range of second hand car parts and used engines.